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On the Multiplicity of Reality and Unity of the Godhead

Concepts of the Oneness of the Godhead are universal and at the root of every mystical tradition, God as a verb, and as a noun, no-thing, and all. One cannot escape from what it is within, when within that which is everything. Oneness being nothingness...and why? Because all the effort and all the importance we give to something so fundamental as reality and God is in the end fruitless, for it cannot be any greater than it already is being supreme, requiring nothing, requiring of us nothing. In its most coarse form, God is purely entertainment of the mind. In it's most subtle, void of the mind.

Alexander Conroy


Who We Are

If we knew who we were, we wouldn't be who we think we are.

Dr. Nathan Katz

Powerful quote given when discussing Buddhism with my Thesis Advisor and teacher Dr. Nathan Katz

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