I entered Google’s Glass Explorer program knowing full well the cost, and the opportunity. I put my two cents in as to how I would use Glass: while coding to monitor console logs. I imagined having a tiny SSH screen I could read using tail -f /error_log while saving and uploading PHP code to my remote development servers.

Little did I know I would actually be one of the few chosen. I am more active on Google+ than I am on Twitter so you could imagine my surprise during my daily (sometimes hourly) rounds of social media check ins when I noticed my entry was chosen.

I am freaking ecstatic. I will be one of the first to see them, use them, own them and most importantly I will be one of the first to start developing for them and using them to their fullest.

Now is the perfect time to start coding for Glass Apps and get innovative. It’s a time to find creative ways to use this new technology..which in my opinion is one of a few components toward shaping the future of tech. It’s the mobile phone app store all over again, except this time we are entering Star Trek mode.

This kind of tech is inspirational, it’s the thing I dreamed of as a kid. How many of you wanted to be Geordi La Forge from Star Trek: The Next Generation? He was my favorite character. The Visor made him. This is a visor for everyone.Celebrity City

As lame as it sounds, it is a step forward toward making our Sci-fi dreams come true. Thanks Google! Everything is getting smaller, faster, easier to use, now we can start to really wear and utilize our tech. The next step is implants and cybernetic augmentation / limb replacement…but thats for a different time and a different beta.  I am still waiting for the day I can power my devices with my blood / bloodstream and burn some unneeded calories while sitting around. 😉

The difficult thing about getting tech like Glass adopted is marketing and economy. It has to be affordable, and it has to be sexy. Google has spared no expense hyping this product up and promising to make the end product affordable. They have put tons of effort into making Glass something as unobtrusive as possible for it’s size, capability and intended use. It actually looks cool (to us geeks at least 🙂 ). I can see everyone wearing a pair.

And if everyone is wearing a pair, just like mobile software development, everyone can be running the software we develop at Esotech. My mind is reeling with ideas and excitement.

In the coming months I will be blogging both here and on the Esotech Blog about my experience getting, using and developing for Google Glass. I have never been so excited about a product, or about the work I am going to be able to do because of / with it. Google has yet to announce the details as to when and how we are to pick up our Glass Explorer edition devices. Once I get any details I will surely post them. I will try to keep personal experiences and opinions on my blog while writing professional and development related ones on Esotech’s Blog.

Stay tuned! Thanks for reading!



Sidenote…I hope they don’t make us sign some kind of NDA while we have them, that would probably kill the whole Blogging about it part ;). Will respect it though if they do enforce that.  *crossing fingers*. Oh and yes, I am damn surely hoping that Ingress will be ported to this platform…imagine the fun…no I don’t have any Ingress invites.

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