I do SEO. I do it well. My method works even in the most difficult of markets…I have seen it. I can win you Google, with the proper Budget…;)

I do not claim all gain is due to my skill, it is mostly due to the team of players I can build for you. I just know the method. It is not a formula, a magic trick, it is a concept rooted in relevancy.

My method is only the strategy, the plan; a team is needed to pull it off. Building the team is where I excel, assigning duties is my role. I can hire nationally or locally. I can tell you who will” win you at Google.”

Like the choreographer in a  martial arts movie, I plan the action and provide the tools and training, and the actors make it happen.  Don’t fret though, the choreographer has training and experience far beyond the actors as he is also a wizened and hardened practitioner of the arts.

Contact me if you are interested. I will tell you what you need to do in a honest and cordial manner, but I won’t hold back. If the market you are in is overly competitive, your going to hear about it, and I will even tell you how much of an investment its going to cost you without sugar coating with delusions of candy filled fields and magical ponies.

I run all technology and SEO business through my own company Esotech Inc., take a look.

I have been through many SEO companies, I have seen their promises, I have seen what they deliver. It’s garbage.

No one should every tell you that SEO is a walk in the park, that it costs X amount of dollars to invest to get X back. It is an art, with no true formulas and no true methods of predicting metrics, only reporting on what is and what has happened. Accept this and you can proceed. Otherwise, I’d invest my money elsewhere, PPC, affiliate networking…even social media.

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