Past Life Regression is used by many spiritual practitioners to seek wisdom from “those” whom they believe “they” once where. “Those who they once were” can mean the chain of events and information that has led them to their current wisdom, as well as a coarse interpretation as the physical entities that their “soul” inhabited.

Aside from the metaphysical ramifications, and belief system altering experience that this can be, there is a unspoken effect of both believing and communicating with ones past life, that is the problem of Egotism. The self importance, pride, and majesty that comes from believing one was even a relatively famous figure.

It becomes very easy to identify oneself with “those who came before”, and accept them as part of who a person is. This acceptance; even the tolerance of the notion begins to heighten the ego with visions of grandeur, exciting the brain in new ways. Verily, new experiences cause excitement. A seeker knows this. A seeker also knows excitement is only a delay on the path, however pleasurable.

Who you are, who you were, and who you will be, are all in the same, null and void. The culmination of experience is just that, the gathering together of a non existent that believes it has a righteous fury to impose itself on reality. When amplified by a legion of personalities, and without the proper care and concentration, this indignation becomes permanently affixed in the mind, barring any growth until a new cycle begins.

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