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I am an avid Android / Droid fan but struggled with putting together a notifications theme.

One of my favorite video game series, as for most, is the Legend of Zelda. I’ve only had the fortune to keep up with it through the Ocarina of Time. Although I did play and complete Twilight Princess; it doesn’t hold as much memory for me as Ocarina and a Link to the Past did, probably because I was so much younger at the time.

Although at times annoying, Navi is one of my favorite characters from Ocarina of Time. She is essentially, Links smartphone, giving him notifications and warnings as to whats going on. I was able to find a great site for downloading Zelda Sounds and grabbed as many Navi and Ocarina of Time related sounds as I could. I have provided them in the following Zip with descriptive file names telling you what sound it is and for what application.

I did not include Ringtones with this theme, but I did provide suggestions in a text file. I purchased and downloaded Zeldastep from Ephixa, which I use for both my ringtone (Lost Woods Dubstep) and alarm (Gerudo Valley Dubtep). I highly recommend buying their CD or digital download,  listen for yourself!

I bundled a copy of my Droid Wallpaper – the inverted Esotech Logo with Navi floating away which came out looking really nice! For those of you who just want Navi, I also included her alone on a black background. Enjoy!


Here is a list of the Files and What they do:

  • Navi Hello – Google Voice
  • Navi Hey – G+ Notification
  • Navi Fly In – Twitter Notification
  • Navi Listen – Google Talk
  • Navi Look – Google Calendar Notification
  • Navi Fly Out – Foursquare Notification
  • Navi Watch Out – Battery Low Notification
  • Ocarina of Time – Gain Heart – Gmail
  • Ocarina of Time – Pause Sound – General Notification
  • Ocarina of Time – Unpause Sound – Text Message

I am open to any suggestions for improvement!


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