Why Bing Why?

I have been tracking backlinks to my site daily / weekly. All the sudden you decide to redesign your webmaster tools interface and leave out one of the most important aspects…the backlinks. Now I have nothing but Google, Yahoo and SEOmoz Backlinks to compare too…

Ah well, I guess it’s not major loss just annoying that it breaks the flow of my analysis. The new Bing Webmaster Tools is based off of Microsoft Silverlight, of which an update needs to be installed to work. I hate having to restart my browser to get a page to work!

If you are looking for Bing’s Backlinks, you won’t find them anymore. Unless they just “forgot” to put them in, I am guessing the reason they will not show backlinks anymore will be some lame excuse like “we don’t want people trying to game the system, so we are taking the numbers out of the system.” This will suck for SEO’s, but who cares about Bing anyways?

Microsoft has gone through so much re-branding of their search engine its ridiculous. Even though it seems like they spent alot on advertising their new search engine when it first came out, that momentum has lost its traction long ago. Old Spice is doing a better job than they ever did!

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