Even my gaming friends don’t really know…or care…about the machine they are working on. I don’t just mean how cool the machine is; I meant the philosophical and psychological implications of our technology that drives one to learn and care more and more about them.
It’s immense, the world is changing  fast, media is changing, the internet, just born, is changing day to day. Just look around, how many Social networking sites now have API’s that connect with the most popular webmail clients to find others on their own networks? This has become standard; maybe a year or two ago it was not!

Do you really care about the technology that you are using? Can you see the mystical nature of electricity running through a box, running through a monitor, producing images that mesmerize us and keep us enthralled for hours on end, without even realizing that time has passed by?

Do you care about the massive effort of data entry into the internet? Imagine how many people and how long it has taken to create the content that we watch every day. The text, pictures and videos all at our fingertips. Imagine the bandwidth and the processing power it has taken to get this data onto these servers, into your computer, into the search engines. Its mind bending.

If you too appreciate technology and embrace its every boon and curse, share your thoughts and comments!

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