One of the most sought after features of Gmail has been integrated Multiple E-mail Signatures. Many people use Gmail accounts with muliple domain name accounts and use forwarders and SMTP auth to send out e-mails…consolidating all their e-mails into one place. It’s great…but it just got even better! Now you can actually change yoru signature PER e-mail account name so you no longer will send out your long well written but incorrect signature when writing to people from different e-mail accounts. No more greasemonkey scripts or “canned” response workaround…it just works.

Check your Settings -> General menu in Gmail to find a nifty and easy to use drop down menu that will by default use your current signature in each and every one, but is easily updateable and stores what youve written per e-mail…don’t forget to click save after you are done!!

Not only did gmail introduce this feature but they also added a formatting bar to it so you can actually have a solid HTML signature as well.

I am so excited I had to tweet about it in caps, I have been waiting for this feature for so long. I just hope that my android phone will get an update to do the same too.

I can only assume that this change was made easier with transitions to HTML5, which works the browser better, or its some massively simple script they wrote. Either way it works, fast, and when you reply to as another e-mail (and have it set up properly) it automatically puts in the proper signature. No mess no fuss, exactly what I expect from my Google Overlords *praise*.

Have fun everyone!!

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