Two days ago I wrote a blog on the new Age of Digital Paranoia

…and here it begins… now only allows Downloading of files personally uploaded, all sharing has been disabled.

There is no reason why. More than likely it is either because the company feels they are at risk of a MegaUpload style shutdown, or they are already currently being forced into this decision.

The US Government is succeeding in spreading fear in the corporate cloud world. Who is next? Dropbox ?

SOPA and PIPA are the equivalent of the government demolishing a street because I was standing on it selling a bootleg copy of Spiderman 3. – Daniel Chambliss

Any website with a Browse and upload file button, whether it is for pictures, music or movies, or even a search through files button, has the possibility of enabling, even if not promoting, piracy.

Any company, any website, with this type of functionality, (which is almost all) is at risk should a law like SOPA, PIPA or ACTA get passed. Moreso are file sharing companies such as Dropbox or .

Shutting down all channels for Piracy on the internet means shutting down the internet. Anywhere that you can share information, pictures or video enables a user to share or receive pirated digital property…there is NO avoiding this.

The spirit of the internet is free flow of information, any restriction, technically imposed, means the stifling of that spirit.

Our only hope is that the people of the World (not just the USA) want this channel for freedom to remain open.

Speak up, don’t STOP speaking up. It is NOT over. Tell your representatives first why an open internet is important to maintain. Show them the wonders that have been created. Then tell your friends, tell your family, help them understand what is going on.

The media isn’t covering this, it can only spread via the net and word of mouth. Those who primarily use television for news need to know what is on the horizon…the death of the internet.

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