This Tweet, Like, Google +1 and Share Plugin for Wordpress by “Let Us Buzz@letusbuzz came out, and its great! It shows Facebook Like, Facebook Send, Facebook Share, Twitter, and the new Google +1. It is very easy to install and implement with lots of options.

What is frustrating is that Facebook doesnt show numbers by default for some of its icons without clicking it. This makes for an uneven and irritating look on your page, instead of having 3 or 4 nice blocks you get one or the other pushing its way out or being uneven.

So what to do? Display it on its own! I modified the plugin so that you can insert the icons one at a time, circumventing the database setting, to show whatever you want wherever you want.

I’d like to submit the changes to the developers so they can incorporate it so other could benefit but haven’t heard back from them yet.

You can see the modified plugin in action here on this page. Notice the Share button is at the bottom. Leave a comment if you have any questions. Here are the notes I left inside the plugin. and how to use it:

  • Added: $type:
    • s4_plusone
    • s4_fbshare
    • s4_fblike
    • s4_twitter
    • s4_fbsend

The following is an example for the Facebook Share button (which doesn’t have a number count by default until clicked.):

  • Template Code: echo display_social4i(“large”,“float-right”,“s4_fbshare”);
  • WordPress Shortcode: [social4i size=”large” align=”float-right” type=”s4_fbshare”]


Update: The Author of the plugin allowed me to submit my code and has since incorporated it into version 1.1.5 You can download it from the WordPress Repository here.

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