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Esotech – Latest Developments

Although it has been around for three or four years, since March of 2011, my company, Esotech Inc. has quickly accelerated into an amazing, and profitable business. We are growing in both revenue and staff at a rate both my partner and I are astounded by. Backed by quality work and results, we are beginning to pick up quite a portfolio of clients who have had their SEO “done right” by us.


SEO Web Re Design and Re Development – Is It Always Needed?

An excellent Post by Search Engine Land writer Evan LaPointe: Stop Treating Your Website Like A Broken Old Boat

Whenever I analyze a site, I look at the structure, CMS (if any) and design. Some of the time, the site is built well and has future expansion in mind. Usually, anything built on a community supported open source CMS will do well for years to come seeing as how popular they have become. This also means I probably wont recommend a site redesign.  CMS’s like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal are excellent candidates for growth and are the easiest to perform SEO actions. The relative simplicity of content uploading also allows the client to maintain the site while the the SEO focuses on other challenges.


Scams, Marketing Masters, Gurus, Self Help, Make Money Online Eating Chips and Soda on Your Couch – See! I can Stuff Keywords too!!!

So I was researching this guy XXXXXX XXXXXXXXX, looking for negative reviews to show this lady who asked me about him that hes just another Marketing “Guru” with nothing new to say. Surprisingly I cant find anything negative on Google after searching 40 pages, nothing that didn’t have huge retort to it. What was amazing is how bloated the internet was with keywords stuffed SEO Copy with the word “XXXXX XXXXX Scam” that was in fact explaining how it wasn’t a scam. This was crazy! I was shocked and appalled. Whatever little content and advice based on his system I found, was irrelevant, outdated, or already known by myself and I assume the large majority of internet markers.

So what did I do? I went to and typed in “XXXXXX XXXXX Scam”, and found negative reviews from page 1 on!!!

What the hell Google?


SMX a Huge Success! Great Speakers Vendors and Networking

Just got back from SMX East, which is still going on for those able to afford/take the day long workshops. For me it was a huge success. I went up with only an EXPO+ Pass, (the Free One) and ended up enjoying a lot more than I should have 😉 I’ll keep the details secret as not to oust anyone but I thoroughly enjoyed Tuesdays presentations and the AfterDark Party especially!

I had the pleasure of meeting the very kind and friendly Emily Breeze and Karen DeWeese, of which I thoroughly impressed with my Dance Dance Revolution Skillz in the Mars 2112 Arcade. I also had a wonderful conversation about all sorts of things including tech, academia, religion, etc. with the charming Kendra Jaros.  Had a most interesting and insightful conversation with Brian Cosgrove after teaching him how to play DDR. Later Roger from MartiniBuster took me across the street where I had a fun time with Brian Piepgrass and his hilarious five toed shoes at a restaurant where I also met Greg Boser and his wife, who will be running the BlueGlass SEO conference in Fort Lauderdale very soon, not too far from my office!

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