Although it has been around for three or four years, since March of 2011, my company, Esotech Inc. has quickly accelerated into an amazing, and profitable business. We are growing in both revenue and staff at a rate both my partner and I are astounded by. Backed by quality work and results, we are beginning to pick up quite a portfolio of clients who have had their SEO “done right” by us.

I am proud to see this company grow, the addition of my partner Bill who has recently jumped in head on alongside me has been wonderful. We have bloggers and designers now working on side projects while working with current clients and waiting for new clients. There is so much to do I can’t even begin to describe our task list! Our¬†clientele¬†has been wonderful to us as well. Many of them have recognized the quality service and hands on care we provide and have given us very kind and motivating comments.

I can’t even begin to predict where the future will lead us. We just landed a deal for social media with a local yet large university that will run during the next two months. I am excited. It’s a great feeling knowing your knowledge and experience are being put to good use and will be noticed by others, as clients or colleagues.

I took the time out today to redesign my personal blog. It really needed a new touch. Here it is, I hope you like it! We are heavily working on a new theme for itself, but we have been so busy there has been very little time. I spend most my days coding, debugging, analyzing and optimizing. Since we are growing I will finally get a little help so I can free up some time and put it to even better use!

Perhaps now with the blog redesign its time to start “The Daily” category and give that a try again?

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