So I was researching this guy XXXXXX XXXXXXXXX, looking for negative reviews to show this lady who asked me about him that hes just another Marketing “Guru” with nothing new to say. Surprisingly I cant find anything negative on Google after searching 40 pages, nothing that didn’t have huge retort to it. What was amazing is how bloated the internet was with keywords stuffed SEO Copy with the word “XXXXX XXXXX Scam” that was in fact explaining how it wasn’t a scam. This was crazy! I was shocked and appalled. Whatever little content and advice based on his system I found, was irrelevant, outdated, or already known by myself and I assume the large majority of internet markers.

So what did I do? I went to and typed in “XXXXXX XXXXX Scam”, and found negative reviews from page 1 on!!!

What the hell Google?

How is bing getting it right, or is he just optimizing / hammering Google? The guy gives seminars on how cool he is and how awesome his system is but I find very little material actually posted by him; He’s created a real life living botnet of cronies who are willing to share information with his name on it creating this ridiculously large amount of SEO copy…for free…hes actually making money off of it! tons! Its just…wrong. Ethically and technologically this guy is a huge spammer, hes filled the internet with so much crap SEO copy, its just a shame. He is a salesman, and nothing more; Riding on his own hype.

Why don’t I post his name? Because I don’t want to give the spamming jerk Relevant SEO copy about himself. Anyways, I’d love to hear opinions on this topic.

The guy uses article marketing to the max, I see exact copies and spins on the same article everywhere its really annoying.

Sorry about the Rant, really “Grinds my Gears” when I see such blatant spammy tactics used. ( And especially when they seem to be working, c’mon Google! Shape up! Don’t make me switch to Bing! ;( ).
See for more.

Will probably write more on this later…or you can check

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