Just imagine a Circle that can’t have an edge because there is nothing outside of it (that’s infinity, i.e. God) then think, what’s that infinity doing there?

Then think, if infinity is everything, which by definition it is, then what purpose does infinity serve other than to serve itself.

Then think, we are in infinity at some point in “linear time”, and trained (socially) to worship and do deeds in the name of that infinity, serving infinity. Essentially, a part of infinity serving infinity, while infinity serves a part of itself by “granting” very existence.

Meaningless in the end, redundant, circular, cyclical. Life is proven to be cyclical, yet we cling to an idea of a never ending supreme being or infinity that never changes. If it did change, it changed within itself which in the end produces nothing and it had no rhyme or reason to do so.

Hence the Chaos that is life, isn’t Chaos at all, because there is no other order that it could be but Chaos. Chaos as Order, but this is not to say that we don’t have social and physical responsibility as human beings.

“We cannot live the life of social aberrations we have imposed upon ourselves with this ideology of unity in chaos. “

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