Often we find ourselves in situations where everyone around us seems to be failing. The tasks we set forth just don’t seem to work out. If your team is struggling and suffering through a project or a task, it may not be the team that is struggling, it may be you.

If you try to micromanage every aspect of a task, or command, step by step, your team members through every minute detail, you may be setting up both you and your team, to fail. You can’t possibly fulfill everyone’s role, nor be their every step of the way for them. You also put the weight of success completely on your shoulders…guess whose fault it is if your team fails?

Personal Responsibility means allowing others to take responsibility for the role they have been assigned. Everyone should be empowered to have the responsibility for their role or station in a project. They should be given the respect and trust to succeed at that role. This not only inspires the individual, but evens the burden across the entire team, especially you as a team leader.

If team members fail, offer suggestions and paths they can take to ratify the situation without overwhelming them or doing it for them. If they consistently fail, while the rest of your team is growing, then you may have identified a weak link in your team that may need to be replaced or reassigned.

There is a difference between being capable, and being willing. It’s interesting that you will notice that without either, a task can’t be done. The easiest thing for a team leader to inspire is the willingness to do a job, it is up to the team member to hone their skill to match that inspiration. Give them time and keep them encouraged and you will find yourself surrounded with many successful individuals, including yourself!

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