Watching Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (yes, I know, old movie) I couldn’t help but think about the encounter between his Muslim friend and the Friar. When the Friar realizes the error in his prejudice toward the “barbarian”, he makes amends. He offers a drink to the Muslim, who cannot accept.  He exuberantly explains that he will drink and his new barbarian friend can talk.

It must have been such an amazing conversation. The wisdom that the Muslim carried around from his knowledge of the Qu’ran, and the revelations the Friar would have at the similarity of their religions (Islam having come from Christain / Jewish backgrounds). Conversations like this fascinate me. It must be such an emotionally and mentally fulfilling event, when masters of faith unite and converse peacefully.

I think a movie could be made out of such a topic, if filled properly in the right historical context. Nothing like a sit down Q&A, but a more entertaining conversation between famous master’s; with energy and excitement. I suppose not many others would find this entertaining. I have a great interest in high philosophy and comparative religions. I enjoy reading and listening to others ideals on religion and life, physical and metaphysical.

Everyone has a story, every person is trained differently and thinks different things about what they have been taught. The boundless experiences that come from meeting others who have respect and interest in the world around them fascinates me.

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