The following was a reply to a discussion about whether Christians Should be Wealthy or not on myLot Discussions:

What do you need wealth for but to maintain your level of living? What are you going to save for? What are you going to spend on? What is the point of hoarding wealth instead of spreading it to others or into the economy (through purchasing, creating jobs, investing, etc.) Wealth does nothing. It is an insubstantial number in an insubstantial account somewhere…which surprisingly can be used to purchase substantial things. Until it is used it is just potential.

Those who are wealthy are those who have something substantial. This substance can be emotional, mental or physical. Being Christian and having money in an account does not mean you are wealthy, especially if you believe that true wealth is to have the compassion and salvation of your Lord and savior. If you have this, you are wealthy. Is it wrong then to be wealthy in such a manner?

Place this perspective on the concept of wealth and you will see that whatever it is that fulfills you is wealth. If a number in an account fulfills you, then that is wealth. If your friends and family are happy around you and it fulfills you then that is wealth. If knowing you have the kingdom of God in your reach as a promise from your lord and savior, then that is wealth.

Looking at it this way…I don’t see whats wrong with being wealthy, Christian or otherwise.

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