My house was ransacked 4 weeks ago. I usually work from my home office and the one day I left home I came back to find all my valuables gone…they went through everything. So I decided it was time to activate the alarm that I had neglected to worry about for so long. My house was not secure at all and I accept it was my fault.

I called ADT, had a salesperson come to the house to give me a quote; $700.00 to install, and they would use the already equipped system that was in the house, the screens and connectors, etc. The salesman even gave me a used panel and motion sensor to help bring down the price. I was happy, they started the process of pulling permits.

A week passes and the technician finally comes to the house. I feel relieved because now I can leave my house without worrying about thieves coming back to take whatever little is left in the house.  I hadn’t left the house alone in a week. The technician tells me suddenly that they cant use any of the screens or connectors in the house because they are too old. This means all this stuff has to be replaced…costing an extra $900.00 dollars (Now about $1900.00 dollars total with first and last months, etc.). This made the total price more than twice cost of the original quote! I reluctantly agreed  and the installation started…it needed to be done, even if i felt slighted by the whole situation.  I had to wait for the weekend to pass to recieve the new screens and finally be able to leave the house. At the same time I had cameras installed…by an ADT Technician working off duty (who was late multiple times because they decided to finally GPS his Van…and also always had an excuse.).

The ADT Technician who was installing the pieces at my house left many unsecure spots, especially on the sliding glass doors which was the main point of entry for the robbers previously, where you could literally stick a finger in the open door after cracking it open and pull the sensor off and then just stick it to the one on the frame, giving full access to the house…I notified him about it as he was installing it and had him fix that, pulling the sensor further away so it would trip when the door was opened a crack. Well guess what?

It’s only been 3 weeks having the damn alarm system installed and already one of the sensors fell off of the sliding glass door on its own and went missing…Now I have an insecure house again because the alarm wont allow itself to rearm. Why did the sensor fall off? Because when you install it as he did on a sliding glass door, sliding the damn door open fully rips the sensor off. Did he test it or know about that? No…did he say anything? No? Is there a way to secure it without that happening? I have no idea. But I am pissed. I am pissed that after spending all that money I already having problems. I am pissed I was lied to about the price by the salesman and about what technology they could use in the house. I am pissed that I had to deal with a technician and salesman fighting each other over the phone in my presence about what could and couldn’t be installed, and I am also pissed because the ADT guy who did the cameras has blown me off to run an ethernet cable for the past 2 weeks so I can view my cameras remotely due to his laziness. I might have just addressed some professionals like Kwikey Locksmith Services, INC. to make sure my locks are secure.
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Lazy unskilled technicians, lying salesman, lack of professionalism that is my experience with ADT so far. It makes me feel as if ADT is taking me for a ride, and are just as bad, if not worse, than the thieves that ransacked my house. I feel used and violated by both, and exceptionally angry. The thieves that ransacked my house started the job by clearing out my valuables, now ADT is finishing me off by clearing out my bank for a crappy installation and terrible service.

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  • Ohiosadie

    ADT is trying to clean out my bank account too. Beware of them. They have forged my initials and signature on altered contracts and have made up fraudulent installation records. Be very careful with them and document everything.

    • I just finished paying the balance on that bill, it really hurt me financially the past  3 months, not to mention the constant hounding by ADT for payment when I had already signed a contract as to how to pay.

      Just glad that it is over. Alarm is still working and haven’t had any problems. It triggers properly when I goof and open the wrong door while armed.

      I think though that my Cameras I had installed (custom job) have really helped. No robberies in my neighborhood since. Even the UPS guy tells me I’m the only house he cant throw a package at because of my cameras 😉

      I love being able to see my house from anywhere, even my phone.

      I would be a poor man had I set that up through ADT though!

  • Bsparky134

    I actually work as a technician for Adt.For the moment because they have every technician sitting on edge waiting on some catastrophe that will be made up or not approved of , while our bosses make it impossible to call and ask any questions we have.Instead we make our own decisions , and sometimes they are not exactly right, but we deal with management micromanaging us , but we cant call them they can only call you. 
    Sorry about your terrible excuse for a sales person and teJust like they say shit rolls down hill, and techs get it all. We really try to do a good job for everybody. I would say our minds are on other things like what arre they going to do to me next fire me.? We are all worried about getting fired right now. and having that hang over your head day in and day out wears on me.
    I work in the Southside install team. The neighborhoods I frequent are rough at best. But the big bosses want us to sit at the address waiting for the arrival of the customer…for hours and hours. I refuse to do that because I am a woman and i get a lot of unwanted attention from street people. Odds are the more time I am out there exposing myself to real real bad areas the higher chance will be for me to become a statistic. No thank you.I do it my way. And not go there until I have already contacted the customer. But now They are bringing me in for suspension tomorrow. After 15 years this is how they treat me.

  • Hsoares

    Wait until you try to cancel their service.. then you’ll know how really bad they are. You’ll regret having signed a contract with ADT

  • Mastifron

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  • Lisa

    I was conned into a 3 year contract by them through a man who said I was getting a FREE installation with a small monthly fee. I never even turned the system on after 7 months so I decided I didn’t want it anymore. I called them and they refused my request because they said I signed a 3 year contract. I was never told about this. The man never mentioned it. He just slid me through the paperwork acting like he was doing me a favor. Now im screwed. I went to unplug the unit from behind my sofa and also noticed the horrible installation job. They took the faceplate off off my electrical outlet and ran a wire through the wall of my garage into my living room. The wire pokes through the outlet making it impossible to reattach the faceplate. The wire is also taped together with electrical tape. Maybe the system would come in handy when a fire starts in my house due to the horrible installation job. I need a security company to protect me from ADT.

  • ADT is a rip off. We got there system installed and had to replace ever sensor, panel and motion sensor within the first few months. This happened over and over again for the first year. Finally due to cheapness of there equipment and the inconvience it caused us they “upgraded” our equipment with the sensors you can’t see.. They fit between door and door frame”. Great idea right…lol. The technician first of all never installed these before so he drilled the whole twice as big as they needed to be and cracked three door frames lol. U would think after one mistake he would have stopped. On top of that every visit he acted like he was high or suffering from a hangover. To rap this up, ADT is a deceiving flim flam company. For 40 dollars a month you will guaranteed a head ache and tech issues that they will send a 18 year old over to fix it. DON’T DO ADT!

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