Gmail+, that’s what it is! An amazing mashup of services. Now I can check my social media updates from Google+ while in my Gmail inbox, which is where I always am anyways. I can even read a comment and reply to it without leaving the inbox.

So what do I have now? E-mail, Voice, Chat, Video Chat, Calendar, Docs, Contacts, Task List AND Social Network all on one screen? Amazing. *Clap* for Google.

The integration is Seamless, albeit in order to use it you have to use Gmails newest theme (Preview). I highly recommend it. It transforms Gmail to look similar to Google+. This was why they were rolling out the black Google Menu bar, it was part of the Google+ Project and eventual Gmail integration. Google Calendar got the same Treatment!

Google seems to have realized that uniformity of look and feel among their products was a must, and this round they decided to change all of them. I wont be surprised when Google Docs gets the same skinning treatment. I rather like the new look, it has that soft edge yet square feeling to it, somewhat metallic with nice simple unobtrusive highlights.

Oh, and can I say…its about time the “Back to Inbox” button got replaced with a real button!!!

The only drawback is information overload. There is so much to do now…and on one screen, it makes it hard to filter out. How can I not check that I have 20 notifications in Google+ when I can see it glaring at me in my google bar’s top right corner?

Information overload isn’t that much of a problem for me though…here’s looking at whatever other Goodies are coming our way from Big G+.


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