I am currently investigating an issue that deals with Windows 8 Updates. When I run Windows Update, and Reboot, the system hangs at the black screen with the blue logo and white spinning circle. If I turn off the machine, and reboot, it tries to go into Automatic Repair mode, which also hangs.

After much frustration, I tried a Windows Refresh, which also didn’t work, it wouldn’t even try to do it. I tried a System Restore, which rolls back changes, and this did work leaving my updates uninstalled.

I thought this had to do with me enabling Hyper-v at the same time that I had done a Windows update, but apparently that is not the case, though when rolling back changes this also thankfully unset itself. I tried doing just the windows updates, without enabling hyper-v, and am again presented with the loading screen. My next step is to install each update one by one to find the culprit.

The thing is, while it is hanging, the hard drive light stays on solid, and does blink every so often. The blink has no real pattern…so it is doing something, but it just never completes. I am thinking about leaving it on overnight before doing another System Restore.

I will update this blog as I get more info.

10/28/2012 4:42 AM EST Update

It just takes a REALLY Long time and has no status indicator of what the hell it’s doing, even on a Quad Core Machine, with SSD and 24 GB of RAM. Windows booted up…Talk about User Hostile…now to test if Hyper V enabling was the actual culprit.

10/28/2012 5:19 AM EST Update

Going to bed, looks like it may be the Hyper V After all…it is still spinning, doesn’t look like it is doing anything.

10/28/2012 9:17 AM EST Update

Windows Booted! I left it running during my…short…sleep…and apparently it just takes a really really long time to configure Hyper V. So, don’t get discouraged, as long as that circles is still moving, your system should actually be doing something. Rebooting too quickly is probably a bad habit from windows days of yore, where we are used to seeing a crash every other day if it looks like it is doing nothing.

Now to play around with Hyper V, need to get a working copy of Windows 7 and Windows XP running so I can do design work for IE8 and IE9. Wish I could just run the browsers separately…

10/28/2012 10:24 AM EST Update

Although it did boot, it slowed down to a crawl, nothing would open. I restarted…and it hanged again. No way can I deal with an hour+ boot time.

Tried a system restore and this time it didn’t work. I had to go to “Automatically fix Problems” in the DVD, for it to tell me things were so bad that it needed to do a System Restore. When it did the restore it used a different process that was faster, rebooted, and I am in…now to test more rebootings. This time Windows Updates are still installed, but Hyper V is disabled.

10/28/2012 10:57 AM EST Update

Apparently, now my system won’t boot unless I remove all my USB peripherals including mouse.

10/28/2012 12:34 AM EST Update

Still having boot issues. System runs fine if it actually loads. I have found others on the Microsoft Support forums having similar issues, all are reporting it occurs after running windows update. I am uninstalling my windows updates to see if it works. I;d recommend to hold off on running those windows updates for now. Oh, and turn off automatic updates.

Sometimes Windows will boot, sometimes it wont, it seems to be tied to USB devices, and USB Devices being connected to the PC. Must be something that came with the update.

10/28/2012 10:24 PM EST Update

I managed to boot Windows and uninstalled the updated. I then had to use my DVD to do a System Restore in order to start booting in again. Thinking of installing the updates one at a time to see which is the cause of the increased boot time, but will have to wait till next weekend. Will run Windows 8 as it is during the work week since it boots now.

Considering creating a restore image.

11/2/2012 3:08 AM EST Update

I must be a sucker for punishment. I have been playing the Windows Update game of Russian Roulette after a year of running it without ever updating it. I guess I Actually want to try 8.1 I was slightly successful; I got many updates in doing them one at a time…there are just so so many.

So I got impatient…and tried doing all the “Update for Windows” at the same time. All of them failed but one…KB2871777, which sent my computer into the spinning screen cycle. Fortunately I have been doing System Restore points before every update. Leaving it spin in endless circles until I can play with it tomorrow. My windows 8 boot disk isn’t even letting it boot into recovery at the moment which kind of scares me. Makes me want to go fix my Arch Linux install too…(also Busted due to updates)

11/3/2012 11:11 PM EST Update

Apparently the side effect of Windows Update freezing on boot after updates had to do with extra hard drives plugged in that may be bad…

After a weekend of 2 hour boot times and random programs not opening, unplugged the drives and it immediately booted and started working as normal with the updates installed. I even unplugged them while the machine was on!

I downloaded the one update that’s needed for 8.1 and installed without a problem, now 8.1 is installing! Hope it works!

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  • Martin Sund

    I having exactly the same problem with my Windows 8 and windows update! Have you fixed the problem? plz help!!

    • I haven’t tried installing windows updates since. It just isn’t worth the hassle. I had to uninstall all windows updates for my system to boot again.

      • roy

        did you met any another problem with w8 ?I met exactly some issue at my colleagues with w8 but in my desktop until now i never met some issue .is very strange

        • I haven’t tried updating since. Too risky and I have very little time.

          • poga

            how did you uninstall the updates if it wouldnt boot ?

          • Using the Windows 8 Recovery disk you can roll back system updates. It was the only way, and only half of the time would it boot in properly.

  • chago river

    my windows 8 doesnt boot up after installing windows updates, specifically office 2010 ones, it just hangs with the message “please wait”. im going back to win7, this is the 3rd time i reinstall win8

  • Noel

    I have found at least 2 ms updates that will cause my system to re-boot into “Automatic Repair” loop these are KB2770917 and KB2779768. The only sure way to restore my system is to create a System Image before I do any updates and then restore the System Image if the updates fail. This is very time consuming, but at least it gets me back to where I was relatively quickly, without having to re-install Win 8.

    I have currently made about 20 System Images of my system using “Windows 7 File Recovery” tools.

    I really don’t feel too happy about installing any MS Updates at this stage, and have turned off automatic updates long ago…

    • I hear ya buddy…I was just recently thinking about trying Windows Update again…but just thought about all the time I don’t have to screw with my system when things go wrong again. All in all has been working fine without the updates though!

  • Matt

    Had a bizarre issue today, left my PC for a bit went to sleep then wouldn’t wake from sleep. Held down the power to reboot, still no luck, PC would start but monitor would stay black with no keyboard(backlighting) and the monitor would stay black (even not displaying the bios)… From this I assumed hardware issue (as my PC is overclocked). Now the odd thing is after removing ram cards (24GB) to a single card, it boots and soon as it gets into W8 it continues a windows update from 30% …..

    Would it be possible for W8 update to be coursing an issue before my monitor even gets a display? =

    side note.. i memtested all my cards separately and all have passed so i am assuming the MB is stuffed if it is not something funny happening with windows

    • Yes, however I did not try pulling memory. What probably occured is a silent windows update of a windows update that doesnt like something in your system. It then proceeded to hang. When mine did it it would boot after an hour then run extremely slow, to the point where I couldn’t uninstall the update fast enough without crashing. It’s a very weird issue and I think is only specific to certain hardware. I honestly am scared of Windows updating destroying my machine if I try it again, who knows how many bad updates they have put out since.

  • Tyler

    Having the exact same issue on a quad core system with SSD. Fresh install of Windows 8, works perfect, install all my usual program’s, customise my computer etc restart then and stuck on black screen with monitors turning on and off. 2 updates installed while restarting and graphics card driver update. Already reformatted thinking maybe corrupt install. Now I’m thinking going by research it has to do with the 2 updates I’ve just installed 🙁 so frustrating!!

    • I haven’t updated windows since install and no issues. However, I do know that there is either 1 or two updates to windows that causes the freeze issue. Not sure which one because I have no time to test anymore. WIsh someone had some info so I could keep windows up to date without killing it.

      You can roll back to before the update if you have an install disk, which will effectively uninstall the updates to the nearest restore point, which is right before you put the updates in :).

  • Frank

    I have the same problems after upgrading from XPP. Upgraded mem and storage in a 2 year old HP desktop. How can MS sell this flakey software. This is worse than Vista and my business hasn’t been able to invoice for a week. I have worked in the IT industry for over 30 years as a hardware designer and programmer on mid range iron. That’s it – I’m moving Everything to OSX & Linux.

  • Apple Eater

    it sucks dicks

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