Trump appealed to the lowest common denominator. He went after the misogynists, the bigots, xenophobes, homophobes and pretty much any group that is judged harshly in the public eye as being in the wrong due to their prejudices. He appealed to them because he knew they were there, and he knew many of them were hiding so as to avoid public backlash and outrage. He also knew they were a lot bigger than they seemed.

The effects of these prejudiced groups on the country, even when hidden, is great. It mostly shows itself violently in our domestic life.

We love it though.

Our media covers the actions of these groups on a day to day basis, it is constantly in our face. What Trump did was appeal to the hidden secret opinions and prejudices of Americans that have been incubating for years due to the programming set forth by mass and social media. He even used the media against themselves because he understood their nature and their connection to and influence on the people. This presidential race was akin to a Reality TV Show, it was scary, yet entertaining and has left everyone in shock. But we love Reality TV…

What was he interested in? Winning. Nothing more. Why do you think his policies were never solid? He flipped flopped on many issues. He made casual threats to large groups of people and countries. He said what was needed to be said, in each unique setting, to get a vote


He used people’s inner demons by revealing them, relating to them, and then coaxing them to vote Trump.

This was an amazing and unprecedented strategy. He did what any good businessman or sales person would do. He gave people what they wanted. He showed confidence. He had energy and did everything off the cuff. He gained the country’s confidence one group at a time. He let us convince ourselves that he was the way.

He used his greatest talent of which he is an expert: he sold himself on his personal brand.

He understands business, and he understands people. His strategy, as disheveled as it may have seemed, was excellent. His narcissism did nothing but support his method.

It would not surprise me if what he actually does in office is completely different than the hate and prejudice he spewed on the campaign trail. He won, he is in. He doesn’t need to appeal to any groups anymore. Now he can decide what he actually wants to do regarding policies. This man is not a real Republican, and he is no Democrat. Everyone is scared because no one from any party has any idea what he is going to actually do or what he is going to try to push through.

It could be catastrophic, which is the only thing people who didn’t vote for him can see. It could cause the collapse of our economy and diplomatic efforts with other countries. It could even cause states like California to secede from the nation.

However, it’s possible, and I am hopeful…that Trump as President of the United States decides to go after the very hatred, bigotry and cultural depravity that got him elected in the first place.

I hope he takes the opportunity to cut the hate at the root and inspire social and cultural change. Let’s fight these demons and beat them once and for all instead of sending them into hiding. Trump is such a loose cannon anything is possible at this point.

Change is coming, and right now it doesn’t look pleasant. People are already hurting. It is sad to see. We will all feel it eventually. Hopefully after all the pain we may endure, we come out as a stronger country, individually and as a whole. Trump is President. I can only hope he decides to be a good one and leave the misogyny, bigotry and all the phobias behind. In the meanwhile I can only continue to better myself as a rational and empathic human being and citizen of the United States.

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