My mothers Dog, Poochie passed away the day after Thanksgiving. The dog was very well loved and taken care of to his final day. He ended up with congestive heart disease toward the end and was slowly choking to death. It took a lot for them to finally put him down. He was a high maintenance dog; Toward the end he was very stubborn, could not participate with much and would often urinate or defecate at random times. His quality of life quickly deteriorated, as did my mothers, having to deal with this day to day.

My mother is now finally free of the burden of care, but it is replaced with the sadness of loss. This is what many call the price of freedom. Many times in life we find ourselves forced or bound into the care of another. This is a very difficult situation whether it is toward an animal, parent, loved one, child or significant other. As time goes on and patience wears thin, their passing is what is supposed to bring freedom to the individual. But it is never true freedom because the attachment toward the person isn’t lifted even with their passing. They are physically free, and to some extent, intellectually free, but not emotionally.

As human beings we have the tendency to attach ourselves to people, places and even things. We feel it is never going to change. This can cause one of two things, confidence or despair. Confident that the wonderful way of living currently being experienced will always remain, or despair that the despicable conditions currently being lived will never subside. Either way, we will become attached to things within the condition.

True freedom is being able to leave the past where it is. It’s looking at he present, with it being in ones own control, no matter the situation that may arise. You can free yourself at any point, it does not require the passing of any person place or thing. It is a decision, a mindset. Freedom comes with a price only to those willing to remain attached.

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