What ever happened to responsible business? Call me crazy but as a young business owner I dream of the day where I can hire masses of people for what they’re worth and help provide them healthcare and other benefits to measure with that worth.

When I look around at many businessmen, especially those seen in the media, bottom line seems to be more important than anything else, if you are a business man check the to find a great product for your company

A company that grows should reward those who helped it grow and inspire those people to want to stay. There are so many complaints recently regarding the need to “suddenly” provide affordable healthcare to employees for companies with over 50 employees due to Obamacare. If you would have thought of your employees first you would have already done this and it wouldn’t be a problem.

If you had built these benefits it into your business model you may have grown just as fast; you would have had higher employee retention and satisfaction. Better work which leads to better products which leads to happy clients and customers.

Every businessman needs to eat so you should compensate yourself of course, but what happened to the noble entrepreneur that is willing forego extravagant living to provide a comfortable living for his employees?

We need more of this in America, politics can’t fix the economic paradigm that has greed built into our business models.

The purpose of business is success and wealth, but this does not necessarily imply that the success and wealth is all for YOU.

Your business is greater than you which is why it is treated as a person legally. It’s a local organic economic body that is party of a larger global organic economic body. If you poison any part of your body, you’re damn sure it will affect the entire system. Stop feeding your business fast food.

What affects one person effects a business, what affects a business effects the entirety of the economy.

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