Do any of you ever feel your hiding behind a mask of transparency online? That you are allowing yourself to play roles that are you, but only halfheartedly you, since you always have that “ulterior” motive to make it do something for you or reinforce your online identity? Do you feel you actually care what others think of you and that’s why you “don’t” post this or that? Maybe it’s irrelevant, or no one will care, or it’ll make you look silly.

I for one try to be sincere, while drawing the line at some personal issues that I choose not to mention or share and instead keep them private. I’ve never told you I’m dealing with a pretty serious and long lasting medical condition for example. I won’t go into all the details, but to let you know how serious it is, I can tell you that I have to buy percocet with credit card and take it regularly as per doctor’s orders because the pain gets quite severe. Maybe I’ll share a bit more later down the line, this was just an example and something not really all to serious.

Trying to be the perfect person online is difficult, because it has to reflect your personal reality and personal living as well. Liars can’t keep up.  Keep your life clean and your online life is clean. However, there comes the moment where you have those thoughts, feelings or experiences you may not share just because “it may not be right”, or “give the wrong impression”. Even though they are not scandalous, problematic or reputation hurting…we don’t share them. We hide them and forget them. We lose a lot by missing them.

I have the desire to write, but every other site I have created has been so specific to one thing or another…I feel I am spread out. Plus, I am always concerned with what my Image is on this platform or that, or peoples opinions on the subjects on which I write, I really don’t have anything for me…as narcissistic as it may seem. I have alot of thoughts that go through my head I feel I should share but never end up doing so.

So here is my idea…blog every day, about some “Thing”. These “Things” obviously have to do with my daily life, profession, thoughts and experiences. But that’s ok. As long as I express them in a clean, concise and expressive manner…I think others might actually enjoy it.

So…a collection of blog posts, 1 daily blog, and maybe an extra here or there. This includes weekends too! Should total more than 365 pieces of content. Not too shabby for a personal blog if I can make it.

I will be using WordPress as  I have been learning lots about SEO and I feel that word press’ category structure is one of the best for URL’s I have seen. I’ll pretty up the template eventually with images reflecting my online and real life, even though I am usually lazy about those things.

So this is the first post, the beginning of the journey. Get to know me, leave a comment…lets have a discussion. I’m tired of writing and people not responding. Please do so.

More to come…for sure.

Digital Nomad. Programmer, Entrepreneur. Academic, Philosopher, Spiritualist. Gamer, VR/AR, IoT & Wearables. CTO Miami, FL Native

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