There is a lot to be said about a name, especially in SEM, SEO and most prominently in SM (Social Media). Why? Because it’s people who know how to work the machine, not the machines running themselves. On the internet, you are your name. Without a name, your just another random person on the street, no one cares, no one knows you. You drive by them every day on the highway. Nameless people.

Names are either given to us, or chosen; and it is our duty, should we so choose, to make this name known. Your name is the one thing that belongs to you that other people use more than you do. You are called by it, identified by it, and recognized by it. Be proud of your name, no matter what it is, and keep building your “influence” on the “internets” to the point where no one can mistake you. That’s my goal anyways, 100% transparency with an honest, helpful and friendly attitude. I can do anything with technology, and I can help others with it too! I call myself a Technomancer after all 😉

It could be considered egotistical to continuously want to promote your own name, to promote yourself as a person with a set of skills and a head full of knowledge, but why not? Egotism is what this society craves, it respects! Keep a healthy awareness of your own egotism so you can use it to create your own future without leading yourself down the naive pitfalls  that often come with a self inflated sense of importance. Keep a balance.

Digital Nomad. Programmer, Entrepreneur. Academic, Philosopher, Spiritualist. Gamer, VR/AR, IoT & Wearables. CTO Miami, FL Native

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