Sheesh! A week has gone by after commiting to write a blog a day and I haven’t been able to write anything! Memorial Day weekend was a blur, mostly spent gaming and relaxing with neighbors. I got to meet quite a few new people. So…even though I was not able to commit as I had originally planned, we will continue from here.

One interesting fellow I met is a man named Harper Davidson. An early retiree, he made his career in life insurance sales working for New York Life Insurance company. He was an older man, visiting only for the weekend to mourn the loss of a stepson. My conversation with him took place at a get together in the backyard of a friend of his stepson. Whose house was quite impressive (having a full size racketball court, tennis court, coi pond, etc.)

The subject was politics and business. He had been out of Life Insurance for a long while, and was happy about it. He mentioned his company had dabbled in Health Insurance but quickly realized it was difficult to make a profi in. I told him about the difficulties I have found in the Health Insurance field and the disasted that is Health Insurance reform. I really don’t know if I will have a job in the next coming months. Why? Because of this ridiculous law that mentions that health insurance companies can only use 15 % of the premium for profit, annihalating broker’s points in the process.

If this trend toward government involvement in healthcare continues, we are going to see skyrocketing premiums to make up for points, and when the uninsurables hit the market in 2012 – 2014…lets just say we can forget about affordable or quality health insurance. Harper agreed wth me and sympathized with me, but again was glad to be out of the business. I am questioning how I have been able to survive for so long. Fortunately as an IT Professional, I have more options than many others…it’s not like my career depends on a health insurance license.

On that note ,of course, the conversation took a turn toward Obama and the democrats. I voted for Obama, yes, but can I say I am happy with his performance? Not so much. Many people feel duped by him. I kinda of sympathize for him. He has a tough job, and as I figured, ran into the brick wall of current policy and performance in politics. He could either conform or be eaten alive…at least that’s what I hope has happened. I really don’t consider myself a polical zealot, and try not to take side, but I probably will be voting republican in the coming election to mix things up a bit again.

It’s funny how i started off very Republican because of my parents, only to have that taken away by youthful idealism…then t have ot come crashing back when I finally experience the job market and start to understand the reasons why some things are in place. There is alot of abuse in the system…this capitalistic (not democratic at all) system. But there is alot of good that comes from it to

The only time I disagree with the performance of capitalism is when it stunts the growth and acceptance of precious technology that can grow exponentially but is bound to market prices, profits and trickling features & functionality.

Not bad for day two writing out my thoughts. As we can see the topics are kind of scattered. I am sure I can learn to make multiple articles base don single coherent thoughts instead of jumping around…but this is so much fun.

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