One of the hardest things to do is discover is purpose, especially in relation to one’s career. There are some who jump at every opportunity that comes toward them, and often get stuck with one or the other. Getting stuck only happens when the fear of change sets in and opportunity can no longer be recognized.

I have had the opposite problem. I’ve been everywhere, studied so many different things. I have had opportunity smack me in the face multiple times, often by the same people. I have been stuck on the fear of change too, but the fear of change from a dynamic life to a more static one, simpler and a bit more straightforward. It seems life eventually funnels down into this routine. I know, of course, that I will not stop studying and participating in my interests such as Spirituality, religions, Video Games, etc. I want to maintain those aspects of myself, and continue to develop them. It is odd how I have feared certainty, been uncertain about certainty so to speak.

I have felt confidence I haven’t had in a long while, the influences of my past are slowly releasing their grip. Maybe now I can make myself successful with all the skills I have attained instead of showing them off as mere potential. I am motivated and pushing forward, taking on many responsibilities that may be very lucrative in the future.

The hardest thing to do is to maintain my sense of neutrality among the factions I have encountered. This Advaita, or Non-duality that I have established as my personal philosophy requires an immense amount of conscious participation to maintain. Perhaps this is a good thing.

Digital Nomad. Programmer, Entrepreneur. Academic, Philosopher, Spiritualist. Gamer, VR/AR, IoT & Wearables. CTO Miami, FL Native

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