There is something to say about resilience. It is a borderline characteristic that can lead to great folly or great fortune. The question is, whether it is a part of you or not. Forced resilience (although resilience always takes a certain amount of force!) is a characteristic that is often mixed with heightened sense of pride and ego. It is difficult to part from a forced sense of resilience because of it’s tie to one’s mental and personal core . It is powerful and often becomes stubbornness. This type of resilience often leads to folly, as a person tries to force the way through something that is not meant to be.

True resilience is recognizing ones own will to succeed, to push beyond limitations and preservere. This form of resilience does not allow itself to be abused, neglected or wasted. It takes a certain type of person to recognize this within themselves, it also takes a certain type of person to recognize the line between forced and true resilience.

It a scale, that can tip easily depending on factors surrounding the individual. These factors include other people, the environment, society, health and financial stability. To be resilient at a task requires the rest of one’s life to be solid and stable so that the task can be conquered. Otherwise, the rest of the perons life will crumble away any efforts set toward any task

People carry their burdens with them to work, play and even worship. When someone is resilient, these burdens are removed in actuality or merely mentally, allowing for full and proper action, which can lead to resounding success.

Not always do results come immediately. Resilience requires patience and commitment to the task at hand. Sometimes years can go by, look at the great pyramids and other architectural wonders of the world. Imagine the resilience of purpose was required to build such monuments…without even any practical purpose!

The resilience to be successful, wealthy and accomplished comes from good patience and good judgment on projects chosen.

Be thankful for your gifts, resilient ones. Watch your environment closely. Expend your energies wisely and rally forth toward your goals and ambitions with courage and honor!

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