We fancy ourselves compassionate, loving, sentimental creatures. This you could say is a product of evolution and technology. Compassion and love normally takes backseat when creature comforts aren’t around. There is more of a sense of urgency and survival.

I don’t think the compassion and fanciness of the current New Age Movement is organic as much as it is an aberration. It could be a product of our technology advancing too fast, allowing creature comforts and hence spiritual fanciness to flourish. Old traditions took their religion very seriously. Most point out that ecstacy and oneness is not so much the goal as not having a goal at all. There was no point to spirituality, and that was reason enough.

In fact, having no point to ones spirituality seems to hold a key that almost all of us will never realize. Being religious out of familial or genetic obligation is not what I am speaking of…it is to be religious, or “spiritual” with really nothing invested. No emotion, no mind, no social or physical obligation.

Why do it then? That is a question we ask of ourselves for everything we do…it is part of our modern, techno-logical thinking. Without a reason we cant have a cause. Without a cause we have no reason.

It is a self-denying cycle of dependencies when we look for validation in the eyes of others. Even when we look toward the eyes of our most trusted and exalted spiritual leaders, we are betraying ourselves to their agenda…of which is to “set us free” through their “control”. This hypocrisy does not work, it only creates a spiraling well of pitiful grovelling and emotional scrounging.

Sounds bleak? Think about it…

Who can set you free? Who can bring you true salvation?

It is definitely not you or me, or him or her…so who is it?

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