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The work that is outward does not love God, for time and place limit it, it is narrow; man can prevent and force it; it becomes tired and old with time and exercise. - Eckhart von Hochheim O.P. (c. 1260 – c. 1327); Meister Eckhart

Apparently, I am a Google #GlassExplorer

I entered Google’s Glass Explorer program knowing full well the cost, and the opportunity. I put my two cents in as to how I would use Glass: while coding to monitor console logs. I imagined having a tiny SSH screen I could read using tail -f /error_log while saving and uploading PHP code to my remote development servers.

Little did I know I would actually be one of the few chosen. I am more active on Google+ than I am on Twitter so you could imagine my surprise during my daily (sometimes hourly) rounds of social media check ins when I noticed my entry was chosen.

I am freaking ecstatic. I will be one of the first to see them, use them, own them and most importantly I will be one of the first to start developing for them and using them to their fullest.

Now is the perfect time to start coding for Glass Apps and get innovative. It’s a time to find creative ways to use this new technology..which in my opinion is one of a few components toward shaping the future of tech. It’s the mobile phone app store all over again, except this time we are entering Star Trek mode.

This kind of tech is inspirational, it’s the thing I dreamed of as a kid. How many of you wanted to be Geordi La Forge from Star Trek: The Next Generation? He was my favorite character. The Visor made him. This is a visor for everyone.Celebrity City

As lame as it sounds, it is a step forward toward making our Sci-fi dreams come true. Thanks Google! Everything is getting smaller, faster, easier to use, now we can start to really wear and utilize our tech. The next step is implants and cybernetic augmentation / limb replacement…but thats for a different time and a different beta.  I am still waiting for the day I can power my devices with my blood / bloodstream and burn some unneeded calories while sitting around. 😉

The difficult thing about getting tech like Glass adopted is marketing and economy. It has to be affordable, and it has to be sexy. Google has spared no expense hyping this product up and promising to make the end product affordable. They have put tons of effort into making Glass something as unobtrusive as possible for it’s size, capability and intended use. It actually looks cool (to us geeks at least :) ). I can see everyone wearing a pair.

And if everyone is wearing a pair, just like mobile software development, everyone can be running the software we develop at Esotech. My mind is reeling with ideas and excitement.

In the coming months I will be blogging both here and on the Esotech Blog about my experience getting, using and developing for Google Glass. I have never been so excited about a product, or about the work I am going to be able to do because of / with it. Google has yet to announce the details as to when and how we are to pick up our Glass Explorer edition devices. Once I get any details I will surely post them. I will try to keep personal experiences and opinions on my blog while writing professional and development related ones on Esotech’s Blog.

Stay tuned! Thanks for reading!



Sidenote…I hope they don’t make us sign some kind of NDA while we have them, that would probably kill the whole Blogging about it part ;). Will respect it though if they do enforce that.  *crossing fingers*. Oh and yes, I am damn surely hoping that Ingress will be ported to this platform…imagine the fun…no I don’t have any Ingress invites.


Update: @CopyApp, Copy: New DropBox, Box & Google Drive’s Competitor

Updated: 5/10/2013

My company Esotech and I have moved to copy.com‘s @copyapp. Click this link to get 5 GB free on top of the base 5 GB (10GB) you get when signing up. Their sharing features are excellent, the speed of the app is excellent, it syncs fast. It basically has every feature Dropbox has, a better web menu, more sharing features that are on par with Google Drive, and a non pooled storage for sharing folders and files with clients, employees and friends. It lets you reduce the bandwidth usage (unlike Google Drive), and is cross platform compatible (Linux, Mac, Windows, Android, iOS).

Company’s are an integral feature of Copy as well. I can create a company, then manage who is connected to it. After having a nice conversation with a rep from Barracuda, right now Company Storage space is not calculated, eventually we will have to buy storage specifically for the company account, which I share with all employees and even choose administrators. This will allow me to attach as many users I want to the Company account without using anyone’s personal quota. Did I mention that company storage starts at $399.00 for 100GB with unlimited users? This is around $34.00 a month. DropBox may give you unlimited storage for teams, but at 5 users max, and more money per user (around $155.00+ per year per user over 5, $12.00 / month per user), Copy seems like a better choice for small businesses and startups with smaller data. Better to grow your storage as you need it rather than be limited by how many users are in your company. Most people aren’t going to sync terabytes of data to their desktop anyways. It is so much easier to deal with adding storage than adding and removing users if your company expands or contracts. Copy allows me to pick and choose who gets to see what folder in the company, and most importantly, who can edit or who can just view. EXCELLENT.

Barracuda Networks, I tip my hat to you as you have done an excellent job.

Now for why I am switching from Dropbox / Google Drive to Copy…Dropbox is simple…it does not allow you to share a folder inside an already shared folder. That was the deal breaker for me. The sharing features were rudimentary. I also hate having everyone else that shares folders with me automatically put in my root Dropbox directory. Copy allows me to specify where shared with me folders go. Love it. Oh, did I mention if you share Dropbox folders it eats up space on both accounts that are sharing? Not on Copy.  *Update: After reviewing this issue with a Barracuda rep, I was given mixed messages. Although the twitter reps say that they won’t make it eat into your quota, this is a half truth. If you try to SYNC the file or folder to your computer, it will use your storage as it becomes part of your sync pool. The easy solution is to only sync your own files, and use the web interface to download and manage files given to you by others.

On to Google Drive, it blew up….again. I have had so many problems with Drive. I love Google, I really do, but this is the first time I have been disappointing by one of their products. (Besides them deciding to Axe Google Reader).

One time my partner decided to drag all of my Google drive documents onto his hard drive…accidentally…i watched him do it too. This took hours to repair, I had to resync and reshare EVERYTHING with everyone, there was no easy fix. I couldn’t just drop the files in there, there was no warning, no undo. Funny thing is, the files existed in trash, but then didn’t. There was no easy way to tell where anything went. The Google docs he dragged out existed but had no method of accessing them without a direct link. Bummer

Then came the syncing issues, and this was the real killer as the above problem was more user related. My laptop has not been able to sync to drive for months “Google Drive unexpectedly quit and needs to close”. Great error message Google. After “searching web folders” for 40 minutes you just crash, awesome. No resolution besides…sync one folder at a time? For 40 GB worth of data? No way. It is supposed to work, not require me to finesse every file into my system.

The dreaded day came, I got a new hard drive and wanted to move Google Drive to it. What happens? Now my main PC blows up, can’t sync. Same issue as the laptop. Apparently if you have too much storage on drive, it explodes and can’t handle itself. I supposed it has to do with a long period of time which it has to collect meta data, and if you have tons of small files, it just freaks out and stops.

So, give Copy a try, get your free 5 GB, and while the offer lasts refer it to others so they can benefit. They are even giving out 1 TB free if you can get them some new talented hires.

Copy has said that there is no limit to the referral storage you can get, so get to it!

Update: 5/10/2013 We have been using Copy in the office for a few months and everything has run smooth. No lost files, no problems syncing, no bandwidth issues. (Lan Sync is great!). Overall we are happy. Although I was dissapointed to hear I would eventually have to purchase Company storage once they get their system further developed, I will gladly pay for a 100 GB Company account. I have already collected over 100 GB of personal storage from their referral promotion. Sign up with this link and get some free space!


Freedom Comes with a Price

My mothers Dog, Poochie passed away the day after Thanksgiving. The dog was very well loved and taken care of to his final day. He ended up with congestive heart disease toward the end and was slowly choking to death. It took a lot for them to finally put him down. He was a high maintenance dog; Toward the end he was very stubborn, could not participate with much and would often urinate or defecate at random times. His quality of life quickly deteriorated, as did my mothers, having to deal with this day to day.

My mother is now finally free of the burden of care, but it is replaced with the sadness of loss. This is what many call the price of freedom. Many times in life we find ourselves forced or bound into the care of another. This is a very difficult situation whether it is toward an animal, parent, loved one, child or significant other. As time goes on and patience wears thin, their passing is what is supposed to bring freedom to the individual. But it is never true freedom because the attachment toward the person isn’t lifted even with their passing. They are physically free, and to some extent, intellectually free, but not emotionally.

As human beings we have the tendency to attach ourselves to people, places and even things. We feel it is never going to change. This can cause one of two things, confidence or despair. Confident that the wonderful way of living currently being experienced will always remain, or despair that the despicable conditions currently being lived will never subside. Either way, we will become attached to things within the condition.

True freedom is being able to leave the past where it is. It’s looking at he present, with it being in ones own control, no matter the situation that may arise. You can free yourself at any point, it does not require the passing of any person place or thing. It is a decision, a mindset. Freedom comes with a price only to those willing to remain attached.


Responsible Business is Respectable Business

What ever happened to responsible business? Call me crazy but as a young business owner I dream of the day where I can hire masses of people for what they’re worth and help provide them healthcare and other benefits to measure with that worth.

When I look around at many businessmen, especially those seen in the media, bottom line seems to be more important than anything else.

A company that grows should reward those who helped it grow and inspire those people to want to stay. There are so many complaints recently regarding the need to “suddenly” provide affordable healthcare to employees for companies with over 50 employees due to Obamacare. If you would have thought of your employees first you would have already done this and it wouldn’t be a problem.

If you had built these benefits it into your business model you may have grown just as fast; you would have had higher employee retention and satisfaction. Better work which leads to better products which leads to happy clients and customers.

Every businessman needs to eat so you should compensate yourself of course, but what happened to the noble entrepreneur that is willing forego extravagant living to provide a comfortable living for his employees?

We need more of this in America, politics can’t fix the economic paradigm that has greed built into our business models.

The purpose of business is success and wealth, but this does not necessarily imply that the success and wealth is all for YOU.

Your business is greater than you which is why it is treated as a person legally. It’s a local organic economic body that is party of a larger global organic economic body. If you poison any part of your body, you’re damn sure it will affect the entire system. Stop feeding your business fast food.

What affects one person effects a business, what affects a business effects the entirety of the economy.


Windows 8 Won’t Boot after Windows Update

I am currently investigating an issue that deals with Windows 8 Updates. When I run Windows Update, and Reboot, the system hangs at the black screen with the blue logo and white spinning circle. If I turn off the machine, and reboot, it tries to go into Automatic Repair mode, which also hangs.

After much frustration, I tried a Windows Refresh, which also didn’t work, it wouldn’t even try to do it. I tried a System Restore, which rolls back changes, and this did work leaving my updates uninstalled.

I thought this had to do with me enabling Hyper-v at the same time that I had done a Windows update, but apparently that is not the case, though when rolling back changes this also thankfully unset itself. I tried doing just the windows updates, without enabling hyper-v, and am again presented with the loading screen. My next step is to install each update one by one to find the culprit.

The thing is, while it is hanging, the hard drive light stays on solid, and does blink every so often. The blink has no real pattern…so it is doing something, but it just never completes. I am thinking about leaving it on overnight before doing another System Restore.

I will update this blog as I get more info.

10/28/2012 4:42 AM EST Update

It just takes a REALLY Long time and has no status indicator of what the hell it’s doing, even on a Quad Core Machine, with SSD and 24 GB of RAM. Windows booted up…Talk about User Hostile…now to test if Hyper V enabling was the actual culprit.

10/28/2012 5:19 AM EST Update

Going to bed, looks like it may be the Hyper V After all…it is still spinning, doesn’t look like it is doing anything.

10/28/2012 9:17 AM EST Update

Windows Booted! I left it running during my…short…sleep…and apparently it just takes a really really long time to configure Hyper V. So, don’t get discouraged, as long as that circles is still moving, your system should actually be doing something. Rebooting too quickly is probably a bad habit from windows days of yore, where we are used to seeing a crash every other day if it looks like it is doing nothing.

Now to play around with Hyper V, need to get a working copy of Windows 7 and Windows XP running so I can do design work for IE8 and IE9. Wish I could just run the browsers separately…

10/28/2012 10:24 AM EST Update

Although it did boot, it slowed down to a crawl, nothing would open. I restarted…and it hanged again. No way can I deal with an hour+ boot time.

Tried a system restore and this time it didn’t work. I had to go to “Automatically fix Problems” in the DVD, for it to tell me things were so bad that it needed to do a System Restore. When it did the restore it used a different process that was faster, rebooted, and I am in…now to test more rebootings. This time Windows Updates are still installed, but Hyper V is disabled.

10/28/2012 10:57 AM EST Update

Apparently, now my system won’t boot unless I remove all my USB peripherals including mouse.

10/28/2012 12:34 AM EST Update

Still having boot issues. System runs fine if it actually loads. I have found others on the Microsoft Support forums having similar issues, all are reporting it occurs after running windows update. I am uninstalling my windows updates to see if it works. I;d recommend to hold off on running those windows updates for now. Oh, and turn off automatic updates.

Sometimes Windows will boot, sometimes it wont, it seems to be tied to USB devices, and USB Devices being connected to the PC. Must be something that came with the update.

10/28/2012 10:24 PM EST Update

I managed to boot Windows and uninstalled the updated. I then had to use my DVD to do a System Restore in order to start booting in again. Thinking of installing the updates one at a time to see which is the cause of the increased boot time, but will have to wait till next weekend. Will run Windows 8 as it is during the work week since it boots now.

Considering creating a restore image.

11/2/2012 3:08 AM EST Update

I must be a sucker for punishment. I have been playing the Windows Update game of Russian Roulette after a year of running it without ever updating it. I guess I Actually want to try 8.1 I was slightly successful; I got many updates in doing them one at a time…there are just so so many.

So I got impatient…and tried doing all the “Update for Windows” at the same time. All of them failed but one…KB2871777, which sent my computer into the spinning screen cycle. Fortunately I have been doing System Restore points before every update. Leaving it spin in endless circles until I can play with it tomorrow. My windows 8 boot disk isn’t even letting it boot into recovery at the moment which kind of scares me. Makes me want to go fix my Arch Linux install too…(also Busted due to updates)

11/3/2012 11:11 PM EST Update

Apparently the side effect of Windows Update freezing on boot after updates had to do with extra hard drives plugged in that may be bad…

After a weekend of 2 hour boot times and random programs not opening, unplugged the drives and it immediately booted and started working as normal with the updates installed. I even unplugged them while the machine was on!

I downloaded the one update that’s needed for 8.1 and installed without a problem, now 8.1 is installing! Hope it works!

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