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What is a Geilt?

Being in SEO, I often search for my own name to see how its ranking, making sure I dominate the first page. I also go by a pseudoname “geilt”, that I picked up during my adventures into spirituality, and research into Celtic mythology and spirituality then later used in MMO‘s and Online Gaming. It is an old Gaelic term that means “one who has gone made from terror”. Searching for it I found this lovely article by Erynn Rowan Laurie on her blog about Geiltadecht.

She describes a geilt as:

It is translated as “one who goes mad from terror, a panic-stricken fugitive from battle, a crazy person living in the woods and supposed to be endowed with the power of levitation, a lunatic.” It may also be the name of some kind of bird or it might mean “grazing.” The title I’m using here, geiltadecht, is a neologism to describe the practice of the geilta.

This is the title that I also found from a book called the Lost Books of Merlyn, where I originally encountered the word “geilt”, though the description was vague and only mentioned Merlyn as a Geilt. Although Meryln had not technically gone mad, as Suibhne Geilt did, there can be other interpretations of the word. Madness, has different meanings from different perspectives, as can be seen in this next quote:

Other “madmen” in the Celtic literary tradition, including Myrddin and Lailoken, were regarded as prophets — seers and possessors of a certain “crazy wisdom.”

Crazy wisdom may not mean that the person is insane, but could mean that the standard of knowledge they have attained is seen as crazy by others. Philosophies and concepts such as Non Dualism (Advaita), Emptiness (Shunyata), the World as Illusion (Maya) are examples of ideas that don’t work in society. Try telling someone that love does not exist, nor hate, nor any emotion they feel; that its all an illusion; and see what kind of response you get?

This next excerpt is excellent as it show the contradictory nature of the term, and the philosophy I see behind it.

That said, the nature of the geilt means that control is often an illusion. Interpretation and acceptance is a more fruitful path for one with these proclivities. This is not in any way suggesting “giving up” but merely a statement that the world and the Otherworlds are vaster than we can understand and we, mere humans, have very little power over some things that happen.

Knowing control is an illusion, that what you do is not actually you, but something that is just happening, and accepting it. It is hard to describe. A Geilt realizes that they are doing something and have choice in doing what they are doing, but then realize that this thing that they are doing, is only being done, without purpose, reason, and even without need for control…

a geilt is an outsider, someone who lurks on the boundaries of groups and societies. That inclination to solitude is part of what marks someone as geilt

Every Geilt is different and so are the symptoms of madness! But this much is true, the “mad wisdom” a Geilt has usually stays with themself, and why? Because most aren’t ready to hear it, or if they are, are not willing to discuss it. “That person is just “crazy”, he doesn’t fit into my little box that i’ve put the world in and what I have defined as it’s “parameters”.”

Within the experience of geiltadecht, madness and destruction is the foundation for transformation.

Madness and Destruction happen both physically and metaphorically, in the mind and body, these experiences are transformative and depending on how it is harnessed, can open doors or close them. Concepts of geiltadecht exist in Eastern Traditions as well such as Shaivism, where there is Worship of Shiva the Destroyer, who brings about wondrous transformations. Even the older Rigvedic God’s such as Rudra are worshiped for their destructive yet regenerative qualities.

Erynn will have a paper on the concept of Geilt in a academic book that is soon to be published by Macmillan: Disability and Religious Diversity


The Egotistical Problem of Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression is used by many spiritual practitioners to seek wisdom from “those” whom they believe “they” once where. “Those who they once were” can mean the chain of events and information that has led them to their current wisdom, as well as a coarse interpretation as the physical entities that their “soul” inhabited.

Aside from the metaphysical ramifications, and belief system altering experience that this can be, there is a unspoken effect of both believing and communicating with ones past life, that is the problem of Egotism. The self importance, pride, and majesty that comes from believing one was even a relatively famous figure.

It becomes very easy to identify oneself with “those who came before”, and accept them as part of who a person is. This acceptance; even the tolerance of the notion begins to heighten the ego with visions of grandeur, exciting the brain in new ways. Verily, new experiences cause excitement. A seeker knows this. A seeker also knows excitement is only a delay on the path, however pleasurable.

Who you are, who you were, and who you will be, are all in the same, null and void. The culmination of experience is just that, the gathering together of a non existent that believes it has a righteous fury to impose itself on reality. When amplified by a legion of personalities, and without the proper care and concentration, this indignation becomes permanently affixed in the mind, barring any growth until a new cycle begins.


On the Multiplicity of Reality and Unity of the Godhead


Who We Are

Powerful quote given when discussing Buddhism with my Thesis Advisor and teacher Dr. Nathan Katz


On Names

There is a lot to be said about a name, especially in SEM, SEO and most prominently in SM (Social Media). Why? Because it’s people who know how to work the machine, not the machines running themselves. On the internet, you are your name. Without a name, your just another random person on the street, no one cares, no one knows you. You drive by them every day on the highway. Nameless people.

Names are either given to us, or chosen; and it is our duty, should we so choose, to make this name known. Your name is the one thing that belongs to you that other people use more than you do. You are called by it, identified by it, and recognized by it. Be proud of your name, no matter what it is, and keep building your “influence” on the “internets” to the point where no one can mistake you. That’s my goal anyways, 100% transparency with an honest, helpful and friendly attitude. I can do anything with technology, and I can help others with it too! I call myself a Technomancer after all 😉

It could be considered egotistical to continuously want to promote your own name, to promote yourself as a person with a set of skills and a head full of knowledge, but why not? Egotism is what this society craves, it respects! Keep a healthy awareness of your own egotism so you can use it to create your own future without leading yourself down the naive pitfalls  that often come with a self inflated sense of importance. Keep a balance.

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